Embedding Options

When it comes to embedding insurance, there are three options:

1. Embeddable Widget

An embeddable widget is a small block of code that can be placed on another website that enables the user to secure insurance without leaving the site itself.

For example, you are currently on a webpage on jauntin.com, but by clicking the link below, you can secure insurance without leaving jauntin.com.

To see an example, click here.

2. Full API

The best example of a full API integration is where a user gets offered travel insurance as part of the flight ticket purchase path:

In this case, the site (e.g. Expedia) is using information that the user is already entering (e.g. name, address, age, etc.) to quote, bind and issue the travel insurance policy. The connection between the site and the insurer happens via API. The only downside is that it requires development work between the site and the insurer, which can take weeks/months of coordination.

Custom link

If the widget or API options aren’t possible, a unique link and landing page can be created for each partner. This link is an example of a unique link.

In all the above cases, the partner site receives notifications for each sale, update and cancellation. And depending on the insurance product, other automations can be enabled, such as automatic listing of additional insureds.