Birthday Party Event Insurance

It's a party, until something goes wrong.

Need coverage for a birthday party for a venue in the U.S.? See our comparison post here our use the quick links: GatherGuard, Special Insurance, State Farm, and Geico.

By leveraging the JAUNTIN’ embedded insurance platform, the entire process of acquiring birthday party coverage can be automated and reduced down to minutes.

Birthday party liability insurance is a critical part of any birthday party and can protect both the renter and venue from unforeseen incidents that could lead to financial loss.  Unfortunately, birthday party insurance is painful to acquire, especially given all the other things that the host needs to worry about like catering and decor.

Fortunately, birthday insurance is very affordable and easy to acquire within minutes, allowing the host to focus on other aspects of the party, while having peace of mind.

Here’s a perfect reason why birthday party event insurance is critical:


Bride’s big day almost ‘ruined’ after wedding planner set off hotel room sprinkler that caused $3,000 worth of damage – and destroyed her gown. #fyp #bride #wedding #nightmarewedding #weddingdress

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So what are the pain points?

For The Host:

Birthday parties are already stressful.  Finding out from the venue that an insurance policy is required (especially at the last minute) can add further stress to the host.  Furthermore, having to research and acquire a policy can take days, even weeks through traditional broker/agent channels.

Most importantly, in the insurance world there is a thing called the subrogation clause, which is defined as “a right held by most insurance carriers to legally pursue a third party that caused an insurance loss to the insured.” So in other words, party hosts can be pursued by an insurance company for any losses they have caused.  A very strong argument to get a policy.

The JAUNTIN’ embedded insurance platform allows couples and party organizers (like event planners) to secure a policy within minutes.  Need a policy now?  Click here.

For Venues:

Birthday parties and event space rentals are a large source of revenue for millions of venues around the country.  As part of the risk mitigation process for these venues, the venue (or their insurance company) require third-party renters to secure their own insurance for the event.  However, this requirement adds a large administrative burden on to the venue. Administrators need to follow up with renters to ensure they have secured an insurance policy with the right coverage.  Also, ensuring that the venue is properly listed as an additional insured on the policy certificate is an additional burden.

The JAUNTIN’ embedded insurance platform allows venues to reduce the whole insurance process down to minutes.  This also removes a large administrative burden from the venue so they no longer need to chase and reconcile which renters have provided proof of coverage.

All in all, the above pain points are solved by the JAUNTIN’ embedded insurance platform through its low and/or no-code options allowing for embedding in seconds.

For Brokers/Agents:

Because birthday party policies can start at $75, it is hardly worth the time and effort for brokers and agents. Policies can take days, even weeks to coordinate, making it inefficient to process policies for birthday parties. However, in order to maintain a strong relationship with venues, brokers and agents continue to (grudgingly) process these policies and view these as a loss-leader for potential future business from the venue for larger business policies.

“Birthday party coverage is a critical coverage, however due to the nature of the product it is hard to prioritize as a broker.  The JAUNTIN’ platform allows brokers to service these requests, while entirely eliminating the amount of work needed to be done by the broker.” Rain T., Founder, JAUNTIN’

The JAUNTIN’ embedded insurance platform allows brokers/agents to distribute ongoing special events policies without having to do any processing.  The platform automates everything so the whole process is done in minutes (or even seconds), reducing the time a broker/agents spends by over 99%.

Overall, JAUNTIN’s embedded insurance platform helps brokers/agents to streamline their workflow and offer special event insurance in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.

Reasons coverage is needed

Why Venues Must Request Birthday Party Coverage

At the end of the day, a general insurance policy is a requirement for any business.  A single claim could lead to a business/venue losing access to affordable insurance options (or even leave it with no options at all).  Venues that rent out their spaces for parties can insulate themselves (and protect their insurance premiums) by requiring third party renters to secure birthday party insurance.

A simple indemnification clause in the renter’s agreement is not enough!

Why Renters Must Get It

Aside from being made mandatory from the venue, a birthday party insurance policy can protect the renter/organizer from lawsuits and financial losses that results from accidents and injuries that occur during the party.  It also provides peace-of-mind allowing the policyholder to focus on the event.

Not convinced?  Consider these examples:

  • Photographer’s camera bag with event pictures was stolen during the event. Hotel accused of failing to provide adequate security.  Event Insurance paid $3,000 plus defense costs (legal fees).
  • Venue held Rentee responsible for damaged carpet at reception.  Event insurance paid $5,523.81.
  • A guest was injured in a fall on a slippery dance floor. Law suit alleged hotel provided improper dance floor.   Event coverage paid – $2,500 plus legal fees (defense).
  • A guest moved antique dining table and two table legs cracked. Claim paid by Property Damage coverage – $1,865.
  • Elderly guest tripped over electrical cord taped to the carpet.  Event coverage paid $15, 245.06 plus defense costs (legal fees).
  • Hosts held responsible for damaged table top and other property damages. Event insurance paid by Property Damage coverage – $7,000
  • Gifts were stolen from trunk of car.  Event coverage paid $1,088.
  • Fire damage to venue caused by rentee.  Event insurance paid $24,365.60.
  • “Silly string” sprayed on guests at birthday party caught fire causing second & third degree burns to several children.  Law suit filed against rentee and hotel for $1,000,000.  Event insurance settled for $135,456 plus legal fees (defense costs).
  • Multiple claims filed against hotel for food poisoning.  Event insurance paid $4,360.20.
  • Fire loss to venue’s ballroom. Event insurance paid $7,000,000 for property damage and loss of business income.
  • Earthquake during convention dinner caused suspended ceiling and lights to fall injuring several guests (some severely).  Rentee and Hotel sued for $10,000,000 (Building contractor and architect weren’t sued because the Statute of Repose expired).  Event insurance paid $1,000,000 policy limits. Hotel’s insurance paid $6,500,000 plus defense costs (legal fees).

Why Brokers Should Continue to Offer Special Events Coverage.

Although a traditionally painful product to sell, it is now possible to automate the entire distribution of a birthday party insurance policy.  This allows brokers to maintain their relationships with the venue with no additional effort. Best of all, commission is still paid to the broker making special events insurance a passive income source for brokers going forward.

Importance of Protecting Your Loved Ones With Birthday Party Insurance

No one ever wants to think about what could go wrong at a birthday party. But the truth is, accidents happen. And when they do, you’ll be glad you had birthday party event insurance to protect your loved ones.

Birthday party insurance is designed to financially protect you in the case of an accident or unforeseen circumstance that causes injury to someone or damage to property. Depending on the policy/insurer, it can also provide coverage for cancellations or postponements due to bad weather or another unexpected event.

Why Do You Need Birthday Party Event Insurance?

While no one likes to think about the possibility of something going wrong at a birthday party, the truth is that accidents happen. Sometimes, people get hurt, and the property gets damaged. You could be liable for any injuries or damages if you’re responsible for the event.

That’s where birthday party insurance comes in. A good birthday party insurance policy will cover liability and property damages. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so protecting your birthday party with insurance is always a good idea.

How to Get Birthday Party Event Insurance?

The best way to get birthday party insurance is to find a credible online distributor. Be sure to consider the size and location of your event and any unique circumstances that might apply.

You should also consider how much coverage you need. For example, if you’re hosting a small birthday party at your home, you might not need as much coverage as you would for a large one.

It’s always a good idea to have some form of birthday party event insurance in place. Taking these precautions gives you peace of mind knowing that your family will be safe if something happens.

If you’re responsible for an upcoming birthday party, ensure you’re protected by getting birthday party event insurance. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

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Birthday Party Insurance FAQs

In general, the venue’s insurance protects the venue and does not provide coverage for liability or property damages caused by the party host or its guests.  Just like a renter of an apartment can be held liable for damages, so can a renter of an event venue.

This is a definite possibility.  In most cases, third-party insurance is required by the insurers of the venue/property.  Even if it isn’t, requiring third party renters to acquire their own insurance can insulate the venue’s insurance policy from claims.

Coverage can start from $75 and cover up to four days for the same price.

Many insurance policies have a subrogation clause, which grants the insurance company the right to seek damages from at-fault third parties on behalf of their policyholders. Subrogation allows the insurer to pay the claim right away, and then go after the at-fault party on their own to cover that expense.  In the case of events, the venue’s insurer may pay for damages upfront, then go after the renter for any damages they feel they are entitled to.

Post-claim underwriting happens, just as it says, after the claim. The insurance company only goes through the underwriting process after a claim is made. Any inconsistency found between the records and the forms used to apply for the coverage could make a claim invalid.  In the case of birthday party venues, if it is not disclosed upfront that venue rentals are a source of income, the venue itself could be denied coverage in the event of a claim arising from a third-party event.  This could further expose the party host.

Bailee coverage can cover losses to customers’ property due to perils including fire, lightning, theft, burglary, robbery, windstorm, explosion, collision, floor, sprinkler leak, earthquake, strike and damage or destruction in transportation.  In the case of events, if a third-party renter rents third-party property as part of the event that’s unrelated to the venue, the party couple could be liable for any damages caused by or to the third-party property.  This includes rented chairs, decor, cutlery, and more.

Primary and Noncontributory

Primary designates that one party’s liability policy is responsible for responding to a claim first before another entity’s policy applies. Noncontributory stops the primary party’s insurer from seeking contribution from the other entity’s policy for paying a claim.


Waiver of Transfer of Rights of Recovery Against Others to Us

A legal endorsement that prevents an insurer from recovering the money they’ve paid out on a claim from a negligent third party.