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Food Service & Hourly Worker Health Benefits

Health Benefits For Hourly Workers Can Lead To Better Retention

According to Toast, the average turnover rate in the food service industry is a whopping 79% over the last decade. And 58% of current workers at restaurants, bars, and hotels are planning to quick before the end of the year.

So what is one of the main reasons for quitting? Low pay and lack of benefits. The good news is, according to Trends, restaurants have started to take employee well-being seriously. Many restaurant employers are starting to realize that there is correlation between healthy workers and restaurant profits. By providing even the most basic health benefits, workers are less likely to miss shifts and cause disruptions, resulting in up to 10 days of reduced absenteeism per employee.

Health Benefits Can Cost As Low As 10¢ Per Hour Worked

Health benefits don’t need to break the bank. Basic health benefits can start as low as $15/month per employee (including their family).

Types of coveage can include:

  • Unlimited virtual primary care doctor access
  • Unlimited prescription drugs from this list
  • Unlimited mental health counselling
  • Unlimited at-home labs
  • Unlimited 24/7 urgent care telemedicine
  • + and more!

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Increase Worker Retention and Reduce Absenteeism By Over 10 Days Per Year

Did you know? It can take a worker a full day to see a doctor (for both themselves and dependents) for minor ailments/illnesses and to fill a prescription. This can cause disruption at their workplace and added stress on the worker.

An affordable health benefits plan tailored to restaurant and food service workers can be a great incentive for your employees. It can also get your workers back to work quickly with the unlimited, $0 co pay prescription drug plan.

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