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Event Insurance Common Venue Requirements

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Most wedding and event venues now require renters to secure their own insurance. Alongside this, many venues require the insurance policy and documents to contain certain endorsements and coverages. Below we will examen event insurance common venue requirements.

1. Minimum coverage limits

Many venues have set minimum coverage limits for liability and property damage. For liability, $1M per occurrence and $2M aggregate is very common. For property damage, $1M is becoming more common, although $250,000 is the minimum starting point for many.

2. Additional Insured

Almost all venues will ask to be listed as an additional insured on the certificate of insurance. Specifically, this is where their company name and address is printed on the certificate to show that they are in fact an additional insured to the policy. Sometimes multiple Additional Insureds will be listed if the venue is owned by a larger entity.

3. Specific Endorsement Request

Some higher end venues are now requesting specific endorsements to the event policy. The most common ones are Primary Noncontributory and Waiver of Waiver of Transfer of Rights Against Others to Us.

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