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Event Insurance Showdown: Wedsure vs Wedsafe

When it comes to one of the most important days of your life, mitigating risk with wedding event insurance can offer peace of mind amidst the whirlwind of planning and celebration. Whether it’s protection against damage, injury, or the heart-wrenching possibility of cancellation or postponement, understanding the nuances of event insurance is crucial for couples soon to tie the knot. Not all policies are created equal, and as we delve into the world of special event insurance, two names stand out: Wedsure and Wedsafe. These companies have become leading providers by tailoring their services to the unique needs of blissful nuptials, offering both wedding liability insurance—covering injury or property damage—and wedding cancellation or postponement insurance, ensuring financial recoupment if unforeseen circumstances arise.

As we focus on Wedsure vs Wedsafe, it is important to note that there are many other options out there that offer better pricing and/or more robust coverage. This post will walk you through the intricacies of pricing and packages, illuminate the user experience, and explore accessibility to figure out how these firms stack up against each other. With stakes as high as your wedding day, it is essential to choose an event insurance partner that not only understands the scope of potential mishaps—from venue damage to vendor no-shows—but also aligns with the dream and vision you have for your once-in-a-lifetime celebration. Join me as we compare, contrast, and ultimately conclude which company might offer the protective embrace you need for your special day.

Wedsure vs Wedsafe: Coverage Options

In navigating the realm of event insurance, two primary coverage types emerge as pivotal: liability insurance and cancellation coverage. Liability insurance is the safeguard against accidents that might occur during the wedding, including guest injuries or property damage. On the other hand, cancellation coverage is the financial safety net that reimburses prepaid expenses if the wedding has to be canceled or postponed due to specific, covered reasons such as severe weather or sickness.

Wedsure Coverage Options:

  • Liability Insurance: Offers protection against potential mishaps that could occur during the wedding event, such as property damage or guest-related accidents.
  • Cancellation Coverage: Covers unforeseen events leading to cancellation or postponement, including severe weather and vendor no-shows.
  • Additional Options: Includes unique offerings like jewelry and gift protection, and notably, a ‘Change of Heart’ add-on, which is a rare find in the industry.

WedSafe Coverage Options:

  • Liability Insurance: Similar to Wedsure, WedSafe provides coverage for accidents. A standout feature is the automatic inclusion of host liquor liability, which is essential if alcohol is served at your event.
  • Cancellation Coverage: Offers a range of limits from $7,500 to $175,000 with a nominal $25 deductible per category, allowing for flexibility based on the scale and budget of the wedding.
  • Policy Purchase: Both providers cater to last-minute needs, allowing policies to be purchased up to the day of the wedding, ensuring coverage even for the most spontaneous of planners.

When deciding between Wedsure vs WedSafe, it’s essential to consider not just the starting prices, but also the breadth of coverage and the specific needs of your special day. For instance, if the fear of cold feet is a peculiar concern, Wedsure’s ‘Change of Heart’ coverage could be a deciding factor. Conversely, if your event will feature a toast or two, WedSafe’s host liquor liability might sway your decision.

It’s important to note that common claims such as vendor issues, property damage, and weather problems are covered by both providers. However, most wedding insurance policies, including those from Wedsure and WedSafe, do not extend to COVID-19 or other epidemic/pandemic related issues.

In our quest for the perfect wedding event insurance, we must weigh the options carefully, considering factors such as the location of the wedding, our budget, and our tolerance for risk. While the cheapest option may be tempting, it may not always offer the comprehensive coverage that will put our minds at ease. Therefore, a thorough examination of what each policy entails is paramount to ensuring that our wedding day is as secure as it is special.

Wedsure vs Wedsafe: Pricing and Packages

In the world of special event insurance, particularly wedding event insurance, pricing and packages are as diverse as the weddings they protect. Here, we’ll unravel the cost implications of Wedsure and WedSafe’s offerings, ensuring you can make an informed decision when selecting the policy that best fits your needs.

  • Wedsure’s Pricing and Packages:
    • Liability Insurance: Begins at $280 and comprehensively covers all four major wedding events: Rehearsal, Dinner, Reception, and Ceremony.
    • Cancellation Coverage: This includes not only the standard cancellation reasons like severe weather but also extends to unique situations such as ‘Change of Heart’.
    • Additional Coverage: You can opt for extras like jewelry and gift protection, and even professional counseling if it results from an insured cancellation, providing a safety net for nearly every aspect of your big day.
  • WedSafe’s Pricing Structure:
    • Liability Insurance: Begins at $235 and known for its robust liability coverage, including host liquor liability, which is essential if alcohol is served. This coverage can be purchased up to the day of the wedding, offering flexibility for even the most last-minute of decisions.
    • Cancellation Coverage: Features a range of limits to cater to different scales and budgets of weddings, with a nominal deductible, ensuring that you’re only paying for the coverage you need.

When considering the cost of wedding insurance, it’s essential to keep in mind that prices can vary significantly based on several factors. These include the number of guests, the types of coverage selected, deductibles, and policy limits. While a basic liability policy may cost under $100, more extensive cancellation policies can exceed $1,000. Moreover, it’s crucial to be aware of common exclusions, such as cold feet, inclement weather that doesn’t meet the policy’s definition of extreme, and pandemic-related issues, which are typically not covered.

In summary, both Wedsure and WedSafe offer tailored solutions for wedding event insurance with a range of coverage options to suit various needs and budgets. Wedsure shines with its last-minute changes coverage and customizable options, while WedSafe excels in liability coverage, including host liquor liability. As you navigate the decision-making process, consider the specifics of your event, evaluate the potential risks, and choose the provider that aligns with your unique wedding plans.

User Experience and Accessibility

In assessing the user experience and accessibility of Wedsure’s event insurance services, several key factors stand out:

  • Ease of Purchase and Customization:
    • Policies can be obtained through a streamlined online process, over the phone, or via brokers, offering flexibility for clients.
    • Customizable options allow customers to tailor their coverage to the specific details of their event, ensuring they don’t pay for unnecessary extras.
    • Instant online purchase is available, with immediate email delivery of the Acord Certificate of Liability Insurance, providing quick proof of coverage.
  • Accessibility Across the Nation:
    • Wedsure’s services are accessible in all 50 states, ensuring that no matter where your event is located, you can secure coverage.
    • The underwriting by A+ Rated Allianz solidifies the reliability and nationwide acceptance of the policies.
  • Comprehensive Coverage for Various Events:
    • Not limited to just weddings, Wedsure covers a wide array of events, including private parties and milestone celebrations, making it a versatile choice for one day event insurance needs.
    • The liability insurance is inclusive, covering the wedding rehearsal, dinner, ceremony, and reception, which means comprehensive protection for the entire wedding event.
    • Special event insurance options extend to other types of gatherings, such as bar mitzvahs, quinceaneras, and even weather insurance for outdoor events.

These aspects of Wedsure’s service contribute positively to the overall user experience, offering a blend of convenience, customization, and comprehensive coverage that is essential for anyone seeking wedding event insurance. By providing a user-friendly platform and an array of coverage options, Wedsure demonstrates a commitment to meeting the diverse needs of couples and event planners alike.


As we’ve journeyed through the offerings of Wedsure vs Wedsafe, it’s clear that both companies have carved out spaces to serve couples eager to protect their special day. From the intricacies of liability and cancellation coverage to the flexible pricing and package options, each service caters to a variety of needs, ensuring that brides and grooms can find solace in comprehensive protection tailored to their unique event. The peace of mind afforded by such policies allows couples to focus on the joy and celebration of their union, rather than the uncertainties that can accompany any large gathering or investment.

Ultimately, the decision between Wedsure vs Wedsafe will hinge on the specific concerns and preferences of the couple, be it the allure of extensive liability coverage or the unique ‘Change of Heart’ safeguard. By taking into account the location, scale, and individual characteristics of the wedding, couples can select the insurance partner that best ensures their wedding day remains a cherished and worry-free milestone. As they step forward into marriage, having made an informed choice, they can trust that their memories and investments are well shielded.

Additionally, we highly recommend considering policies from GatherGuard or SpecialInsurance. For a detailed comparison of Wedsure, WedSafe, GatherGuard, and SpecialInsurance, click here.

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