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Busting The Myths Of Health Care Insurance

Understanding Health Care Insurance

A lot of debate has been had in the past over the inherent differences between the health care system in the United States compared to that of European countries and Canada, it’s bordering neighbour. While there is no denying that the cost of health care insurance in America is expensive, this doesn’t have to be the case.

Firstly, it is important to know exactly how health insurance works before you understand the importance of having it. Similarly to auto or house insurance, health coverage works by pooling risks. Many individuals with health care coverage will pay a monthly premium upfront and in the case that an unfortunate event happens (e.g. you fall ill or have a car accident), your medical services will get paid out of those collected premiums. To put it simply, by taking out health insurance you are protecting yourself and your assets in the event that you ever fall ill. However, many people in the United States still have reservations about taking out this kind of insurance.

Common Beliefs About Amercian Health Insurance Coverage

The health care system can be a labyrinth of misunderstanding, complicated policies and pitfalls for many. Due to this, it is only common that individuals would be misled into believing certain myths when it comes to getting health coverage. Below, we talk about the most commonly held myths in relation to health coverage in America and the reasons why these shouldn’t be believed.

Healthy People Don’t Need It

One of the most notable beliefs is that if you are healthy then it is not necessary to get health care insurance. Many people are unwilling to pay for insurance when they feel that there is no need for it. Even if you are in great physical health at the moment, this doesn’t guarantee that you will be in the future. Serious illness and accidents can happen at any time and without the necessary protection, you could be leaving yourself open to financial vulnerability. This is why most insurance providers will advise you to look into your health coverage options before it is too late.

It Is No Longer Mandatory

Although changes recently have been made in terms of the Affordable Care Act, many Americans are unaware that this mandate is still in place until 2019. Under Obamacare, many US citizens faced a penalty if they did not have health insurance. While some individuals still chose to forgo health coverage during this time, many are under the impression that it is no longer mandatory. This is not the case. Changes have been agreed upon but there is still no indication as to how the reformed mandate will turn out. So, for the foreseeable future, Americans can still expect to receive fines and penalties for lack of health care insurance at the end of each tax year.

It Is Too Expensive

For many, health coverage can feel too expensive or seem like an unnecessary cost. Although some healthcare plans are costly, this shouldn’t act as a deterrent to protecting yourself. There are a number of affordable health insurance plans that will allow you to pay a lower monthly premium or that will fit your needs and budget. It is important to shop around until you find a plan that works best for you. Although health insurance can be expensive, it doesn’t mean that you should avoid it entirely.

The Benefits Of Health Care Insurance Revealed

The benefits of being one of those individuals who is insured rather than uninsured when it comes to health are undeniable. As you may already be aware, the cost of medical care can cost anywhere between a few hundred dollars for a quick consultation to 10,000 dollars for a hospital stay. Without health care coverage, these expenses will come directly out-of-pocket. However, with the right insurance plan in place, insurers can negotiate with hospitals to ensure any bill you receive is cut by up to 50%.

By having health care insurance, you are also guaranteed to get the right medical treatment at the right time. Most health plans must now offer American citizens a number of essential health benefits including emergency services, hospitalization, laboratory tests, maternity care, mental health treatment, prescription services among many others. With being covered you are rigging your own safety net and putting yourself at extreme financial risk and vulnerability.

JAUNTIN’: Protecting Your Future

Our health is the biggest and most vital asset that we own. Without protecting it, you are putting yourself at serious risk. The cost of health coverage in the United States has long been debated but the downsides to not having coverage could potentially end up costing you more. JAUNTIN’ understands how unpredictable the future can be and urges people to overlook the myths of health care insurance and truly see the benefits that it can provide.