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Rx Valet Review and How it Compares to BasiCare Plus

Looking for an alternative to Rx Valet? BasiCare Plus provides unlimited access to 700+ drugs with $0 copay and $0 deductible. Insulin is available at $19.90/vial. Plans can include a primary care provider.

In today’s fast-paced world, managing healthcare needs efficiently and conveniently has become a priority. Enter Rx Valet, an online prescription solution designed to make accessing medications simpler, more affordable, and hassle-free. But how does it stand up against others, like BasiCare Plus? Let’s take a closer look.

What is Rx Valet?

Rx Valet is an online prescription service that allows individuals to fill their prescriptions, compare prices, and have medications delivered directly to their doorstep. The platform aims to offer significant cost savings without sacrificing quality or service. By leveraging technology and strategic partnerships, Rx Valet provides a seamless experience for patients seeking a reliable solution for their prescription needs.

What is BasiCare Plus?

BasiCare Plus provides a no deductible, no copay access to 700+ drugs nationwide. Their Complete program includes a virtual primary care provider and the price of the plan is the same regardless of family size.

Key Features of Rx Valet

Cost Savings

One of the primary advantages of using Rx Valet is the ability to save money on prescription medications. Traditional pharmacies often have varying prices that can be difficult to compare. Rx Valet offers a transparent pricing model, allowing users to see the cost of their medications upfront. Additionally, Rx Valet works with both insured and uninsured patients to ensure they receive the best possible price.


With Rx Valet, the days of waiting in line at the pharmacy or dealing with inconvenient store hours are over. Users can manage everything online, from comparing prices to ordering medications. Prescriptions can be transferred directly from a healthcare provider or existing pharmacy, streamlining the process. Once ordered, medications are delivered right to the patient’s doorstep, saving time and effort.

Wide Range of Medications

Rx Valet offers an extensive range of medications, covering various medical conditions. Whether it’s a routine prescription or a more specialized medication, Rx Valet provides access to a broad spectrum of pharmaceutical products. This ensures that patients can find what they need all in one place.

Expert Support

Understanding prescription medications can be complex, and having expert support is crucial. Rx Valet provides access to a team of licensed pharmacists who can answer questions, provide guidance, and ensure that patients are taking their medications correctly. This personalized support enhances the overall experience and contributes to better health outcomes.

Key Features of BaisCare Plus

Covers the Entire Family

The plan provides access for the entire family with no copay, no deductibles and no limits on usage.

Primary Care Provider Included

The plan includes a primary care provider that can be accessed virtually from anywhere in the U.S.

Access to Low-Cost Insulin

The plan gives members access to insulin at $19.90/vial.

$0 Access to 700+ Drugs

From contraceptives to hormone-based chemotherapy drugs, the large list of $0 drugs cover 95%+ of commonly prescribed drugs.


Rx Valet is a great option if you already have access to a primary care provider or prescriptions. BasiCare Plus on the other hand, may be the better option if you require access to a doctor in order to receive the prescription(s) needed to acquire prescription drugs. BasiCare Plus is also a great option if you do not have health insurance or have been recently disenrolled.

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Gig economy


Gig economy