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Take The Stress Out Of Your Trip Planning

For some people, vacation planning is an exciting time and for others, it can cause many stress-induced sleepless nights. If you have an upcoming trip and are prone to worry about all the details that are involved, we are here to help. Below are our top tips for ensuring that your trip planning experience will be stress-free.

Plan In Advance: Give Yourself Time

Travel can be stressful and the best way to equip yourself to handle this is by preparing and planning well in advance of your departure. It may sound obvious but you would be surprised how many people leave it too late to plan the more intricate details of their vacation.

Researching the area that you will be travelling to can be instrumental in ensuring that your vacation will go smoothly. If someone has an accident or falls ill while abroad, knowing where the nearest medical professional or hospital is can lower your stress levels and make you feel more prepared if the situation occurs.

If you have any particular personal or health concerns, arrange the time to go and visit your doctor before you head away on your trip. Make sure to let your doctor know how long you will be out of the country for especially if you take medication. That way you can ensure that you won’t run out in the meantime.

Make A Document Checklist

There is nothing worse than arriving at the airport and realizing that you forgot important documents for your trip. Avoid this in the weeks leading up to your departure by making a document checklist.

Your passport and tickets are obviously essential but it’s also important to bring the following documents when travelling:

  • Visa (if required)
  • Travel Insurance
  • Driver’s license
  • Credit cards
  • Health Information
  • Confirmation of reserved accommodation
  • Vaccination certificates (if you are travelling to a country that requires them)

We would advise that you make a copy of all your documents prior to travelling and leave a set with either a family member or a trusted friend. In the case that a document is misplaced or lost, you will have a back up.

Pack Like A Pro

The key to being organized and less stressed when planning a trip is by packing efficiently. Throwing clothes into a suitcase in a rush the night before a vacation will never do anyone any favours.

When packing, ensure that you keep all your travel documents in an easy to reach place. Preferably you will not put these in your suitcase but rather keep them in a backpack or handbag. This will make it much easier to access when you are in the airport or crossing the border if travelling to the United States.

It is also advised that you take a picture of the contents of your suitcase. In the event that some of your luggage goes missing when travelling, having proof of the items that you packed is beneficial for your travel insurance provider. They will be able to use this information to determine the value of your possessions and can refund you for your loss.

Are You Covered?

Not having a travel insurance policy is one of the leading causes of travel stress. Unfortunately, accidents can happen when we are abroad. If you find yourself in this situation without travel coverage, you could potentially face unnecessary expenses.