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Wedding Insurance. Why it is mandatory (but only $75).

Need event coverage now? Check out some of these quick links: GatherGuard, Special Insurance, Travelers, and USAA.

The big day is approaching. The plans are set and the venue has been paid. But wait! Suddenly, the venue is asking for wedding insurance, event insurance or some sort of proof that you have insurance for the wedding.

To be clear, they are not asking for cancellation insurance (insurance that will pay back some/all of your expenses if your wedding has to be cancelled). They are asking for proof of liability coverage. In general, this coverage exists in case you or your guests either break something at the venue or someone gets hurt.

The reason more and more venues are requesting this is to protect not only themselves, but also their insurance premium. Just like most insurance products, claims can have a negative affect on future premiums so they are offsetting this by asking renters to secure/provide their own insurance policy.

So where do you begin? Securing insurance is traditionally quite painful and expensive. Luckily, with advancements in technology, it has become quite easy to secure a policy online within minutes. Gone are the paper applications and long turnaround times. Best of all, the policies are quite affordable, with many organizations like GatherGuard that start at $75 for up to a four day event. It is a great price for not only financial protection, but peace of mind.

So as you gear up towards your big day, don’t forget to add wedding insurance to your checklist of items.