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What is DrOnCall?

DrOnCall, similar to BasiCare Plus, provides unlimited access to licensed doctors in the U.S. through a monthly subscription. Both DrOnCall and BasiCare Plus also provide access to $0 prescriptions drugs. So what’s the difference?

BasiCare Plus

The main features of BasiCare Plus are listed below. Their main value proposition is to cater to hourly/gig/contract workers, giving them the ability to see a doctor and fill prescriptions without having to miss any work. The below includes the entire family:

  • Unlimited 24/7 urgent care telemedicine access
  • Unlimited access to over 700 $0 copay prescription drugs
  • $19.90/vial insulin
  • Unlimited access to a dedicated virtual primary care provider
  • Unlimited access to a virtual mental health counselor, including 5 in-person session, if needed
  • …and more!


DrOnCall also provides benefits for the entire family and includes:

  • Unlimited 24/7 urgent care telemedicine access
  • Unlimited access to over 35 $0 copay prescription drugs
  • Unlimited sessions monthly with a licensed clinician (LMFT, LCPC, LCSW)
  • Lab tests savings of 20% – 90%
  • McAfee Totall Protection
  • Shipping available internationally to your home, co-working, hotel or Airbnb

In short, BasiCare Plus is the clear winner for those based mostly in the U.S. DrOnCall on the other hand is more ideal for those that live/travel outside of the U.S. more often.

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