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Worst Case Wedding Mishaps. Why Wedding Insurance Is So Important.

When it comes to weddings, as much as you plan for your big day, damages or injuries can negatively impact your wedding day. Below, we highlight three wedding scenarios that can unfortunately happen at anyone’s wedding. And these are the very reason wedding event insurance could help offset some of your worries.

Drunken Guest

It’s no wonder so many awkward, cringe-worthy or dramatic things happen when people get married – especially when there’s an open bar! Guests have a tendency to over indulge and get emotional, which can become a financial risk for the bride and groom. An intoxicated guest can drink too much, hurt someone or damage something, hop in a car and drive drunk, etc. Unfortunately, newlyweds can become liable for damages caused by the accident. This said, make sure that you have host liquor and/or liquor liability coverage as part of your wedding insurance policy. Don’t pay the price for someone else’s poor judgement!

The Roof, The Roof, The Roof Is On Fire!

Candles are common for many weddings and wedding receptions. However, fire is fire and can turn a wedding into a disaster quickly. Aside from fireworks and pyrotechnics, many wedding event policies can cover damage caused by accidental fire damage such as a candle lighting a table on fire. Don’t let a fire ruin your first few weeks as a newly wed and have the wedding event insurance company take care of everything for you.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand… Dollars?

Many venues have expensive art work and decor that can be easily damaged by a relative deciding to breakdance outside of the dance floor. A wedding event insurance policy can help cover the cost of property damage caused by your guests.

Here’s an example:


Bride’s big day almost ‘ruined’ after wedding planner set off hotel room sprinkler that caused $3,000 worth of damage – and destroyed her gown. #fyp #bride #wedding #nightmarewedding #weddingdress

♬ original sound – Daily Mail

Don’t let a disaster like this ruin your post-wedding experience. Get wedding event insurance online in 3 minutes with GatherGuard or Want to compare coverages and prices? See this post.

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