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Worried About Wedding Disasters? Shift The Risk With Wedding Event Insurance

The percentage of potential risks of celebrating a wedding is actually relatively high. The key is to think about what could possibly go wrong and find a solution before it does. That’s where wedding event insurance can be the difference between a good start to a marriage or a bad start.

Take this example:


Bride’s big day almost ‘ruined’ after wedding planner set off hotel room sprinkler that caused $3,000 worth of damage – and destroyed her gown. #fyp #bride #wedding #nightmarewedding #weddingdress

♬ original sound – Daily Mail

Imagine having to deal with the aftermath of this during and after your wedding day. With wedding event insurance, the insurance company could take on much of the burden of coordinating with the victims and related payments.

Obtaining wedding insurance is designed to shift some of the risk from the couple and their families to an insurance company. Worrying about your dress, catering or makeup is normal. But have you thought about how you will pay for damages if intoxicated guests ruin your reception space? For this reason, many venues now make wedding event insurance mandatory.

Protect yourself from liability arising from your wedding before it happens. Coverages can include bodily injury/property damage liability, host liquor liability and more.

Get wedding event insurance online in 3 minutes with GatherGuard or Want to compare coverages and prices? See this post.

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